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Topic and Introduction

Over a year ago I adopted a puppy. Since then, I’ve taken thousands of pictures in almost every pose possible. So wrapping up a semester of machine learning, I wanted to see how accurate a model could distinguish pictures of dogs v pictures of cats.


The data comes from Kaggle’s Dog v Cat competition. However, this dataset is a little too large for sklearn so I shortened it to include 1000 cats and 1000 dogs for training and then 500 cats and 500 dogs for testing. You’ll find these datasets in the github repo attached.


Topic: Individual election donations. Money talks, consistently the candidate who spends the most money usually wins — to spend the most money, you have to raise the most money. Following the money is interesting because it has a cost — it separates individuals who tolerate certain issues v others who advocate for it.

So where is this money coming from? Are there certain occupations who donate more on average than everyone else? How much is everyone donating?

Dataset: The dataset contains 205,039 individual donations for 2021. …

Importance on visual aids

Visual aids increasing our understanding, they help convey messages that in an era that is mostly visual. We digest information with our eyes more than our ears. They also help people understand complex or abstract ideas especially over time (enhanced retention/attentiveness). The visual aids should be aligned with your presentation. The information conveyed, audience size, equipment/time available, and amount of money.

Types of visual aids

Computer-based visuals. You can produce and display dramatic visual aids/including animation/simulations. You can use remote control to change the visuals, enabling you freedom of movement. It’s important to create the visuals in advance and rehearse the electronic components. …

This past semester I took data analytics, here are excerpts from my notes

Class One: Introduction to Data A

Create the data context through modeling

Operational real-time (how to edit), while analytical databases are fast processing (how to read it out quickly and run competitions)-analytical (read-only data to an extent), is hard because there is a saturation of data.

Post-relational-Mongoose. Hierarchical network-networked database Apollo missions-have to start at the root.

Relational database-IMB. The file system model just has rows of data so that the computer can read it quickly. Small, old skool, IOT model.

Hierarchical models. If you lose the client (root) then lose everything else…

I took tax law this summer, here are excerpts of my notes.

Taxpayers only enjoy the general benefit of taxes (institutions, infrastructure, and government policy).

Non-tax revenue: user charges and service fees due when an individual requires a specific service or good offered by the government. The charge is proportional to cost. Social insurance is non-tax as it’s a delayed specific benefit. There is no real difference between paying contributions for income taxes.

Tax law: public law (governs relations between private persons and the government). Substantive tax law: criteria of taxation. Each tax is regulated by its own substantive law…

This summer I took criminal law, here are excerpts from my notes

Criminal law: body rules that the government prohibits forms of conduct because it harms or threatens public safety/welfare imposes punishment. Criminal law deals with public wrongs, not private wrongs: the concern is the community as whole. The individual is called to answer for their wrongful behavior. The person who is wronged seeks legal redress. Not an arbitrary or oppressive enterprise.

Violation of criminal law triggers the imposition of public censure and severe punishment. (constitutes encroachment on individuals freedom and autonomy, should be a last resort/ultima ratio). Instrument of…

I took intro sociology this summer, here are excerpts of my notes

Family refers to different residential and relational arrangements, it has had many definitive definitions throughout history.

  • Early Middle Ages to 18th century European nobility families refers to the larger kinship group from which the married parents and their children derived their claims to privilege and property.
  • Middle-class Europeans and North Americans define family as authority of a household head rather than on blood relatedness (included borders/servants as family members)
  • Mid-19th century families refer to married couples with their co-resident children excluding household residents or most distant kin.

Societies can complicate family

  • Today…

I took tort law this summer, here are excerpts from my notes

Tort Law: events sometimes cause damage (harm or bodily harm). There is an event that causes damage and there is reason for someone else to compensate for it.

Liability law: conditions which someone who suffered damage can claim compensation for this damage from someone else.

Fault liability: damage must be borne by the person who suffered it except when the damage can be attributed to an act of someone else. The other person that caused this damage (intentionally or negligently) must reasonably compensate for it.

Strict liability: damage…

I took this course this summer, here are excerpts from my notes

Property Rights

Rights are interests that are protected by law. They exist where other legal positions (permissions, duties, prohibitions, powers, and immunities) are grouped together. Either rights against a person, rights on an object, or human/fundamental rights.

If you are owed something the debt is a personal claim/right and can only be direct at whoever owes you that thing.

Obligation: counterpart of the claim and result of the claim as a result of the contract/tort. Refers to what the debtor owes (that would benefit) the creditor. …

I took this course last semester. Here are excerpt of my notes.

Physical product to product as a service. Product of a service is the technical service that can be improved and that data based. Physical products are perishable (food but be a physical product but the data is the product of a service).

Consumption to active creation. Consumption is where you are listening to a conversation and unable to contribute while active creation is where you enter the conversation as yourself. watching Netflix v participating on social media.

Points of usage to service everywhere. Expansion of access service of…

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